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High-performance Pre-Expander
New EPS & EPP Pre-Expanders upgraded by the latest technologies
  Major features and data
  *A deviation of input of raw materials has been minimized
by installing a load cell indicator in a material weight
checking system of a pressure expander.

*It maintains a deviation value of specific gravity as
minimum as possible by detecting rising expanded beads
with a level master installed on the front part of a pre-
expander vessel.

*In case of a sudden stop of machines in operation
(in case of a blackout or a mechanical problem), steam
line-breaking function gets activated and air is supplied
automatically into the vessel in order to prevent the
coagulation of beads while expanding.

*The lower part of a steam chamber produced by the
aluminum casting technique maximizes the efficiency of
steam and, when expanded beads are transferred to silo
via a dryer which is the next stage, it helps discharge
every single bead quickly and completely out of the



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