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Block cutting machine with various solutions
Block cutting machine with various solutions - Experience Dabo Precision's block cutting machine in different sizes, with precise
cutting performance.


Major features and data

* It uses a heating wire to cut EPS blocks horizontally or vertically and
various cutting sizes are available.

*Since every cutting process is automated, it requires only the minimum
number of operators and also adopts low-power design.

* It can cut and slice a block into two or four pieces and send them to
each gate.

* It performs cutting work in various different forms (flat or curved)
according to customers' requirements.

* PLC control system controls every part of equipments.

Production of high-precision EPS & EPP molds

*We produce molds that meet customers' various demands
for design and also design high-quality feeders and ejectors
into the optimal layout.

*Production of shuttle type molds for insert-EPP products

*Production of large-size EPS molds available

*Production of customized EPS molds according to each
customer' order

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